7 Tips: How To Write a Template Cover Letter

There are mixed messages in?the value of a cover letter. In one instance, a recruiter proclaims, “Never waste your time on a cover letter. I never read them,” while in the next instance, in an equally insistent manner, a hiring decision maker says, “Always write an introductory letter to your resume. It can make or break whether you are invited into an interview, or not.”

Question: So, what is a job seeker to do?

Answer: Write a template covering page, and have it on hand to mold for any situation where you are submitting your resume.

How Do You Prepare This Templated Letter?

1. Research Your Ideal Position. First, even if you don?t have an existing opportunity you are interested in right now, research a sample target position (a job with the look and feel of the type of role that would not only intrigue you but also for which you have essential qualifications). Now, draft a covering page that speaks to why you are interested in the position and how you can fulfill the specifications of the role, mirroring key requirements in the posting.


2. Research the Company. Then, go a step further and research that company, its current products, services and marketplace impressions and speak to how you can further support their current and potentially future needs and pain points.

3. Research the Industry. Finally, research the industry you are targeting and weave in some of your skills, abilities, achievement stories and soft skills that you offer to the industry as a whole.

Why and How Do You Employ This New Letter?

4. Use It for Resume Introductions. What you have created is a template letter that you can draw from when faced with introducing your resume to a new person (hiring decision maker, recruiter and/or influencer).



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