7 Tips for Luring Customers Into Your Physical Store

luring Black customers into your physical store

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape. Now, businesses are looking for ways to get customers back into their physical locations.

First, know what to expect. For one, people have become accustomed to shopping and doing most– if not all– of their business online.

“People are now accustomed to using the Internet to get whatever they need to be shipped to them and to get their material needs to be met without having to step outside. Moving forward, that is going to be a constant and it is even predicted to accelerate,” says small business owner Michael Jankie, founder of the Natural Patch Company, which produces remedies from sleep aids to insect repellent using essential oils.

Offer incentives. To lure customers back through your doors, offer them something extra, such as in-store-only discounts or special events in-store. You will also want to assure customers of their safety in your establishment.

“Emphasize that they’ll be safe within your premises. Highlight how you’re taking measures to provide a COVID-free environment at every step. Share the plan and let them know you’re not ignoring the problem but actively tackling it,” says Daniel Ndukwu, co-founder of UK-based UsefulPDF, an online tool that converts PDFs.

Promote new on-site activities.  Use your social media accounts and a variety of ways to get the word out.

“Communicate your reopening on multiple channels. Send out an email, post it on social media, hang a sign, take out a few ads in your city. Within these messages, continue to emphasize the steps you’re taking to ensure the safety of customers so they can visit your premises with confidence,” says Ndukwu.

Target a campaign. Do an email or SMS campaign alerting your customers that you have reopened your store?

Offer a new experience. Give your customers something new when they come back to your physical business. Think about sprucing up the decor.

“Create a new in-store experience. Traditionally, retail stores were designed to fit as many people as possible in an efficient way. Now maybe time to rethink how your store is designed. Instead of maximizing people, minimize the absolute number of people but create an environment that encourages a higher AOV (average order value). This could be done by optimizing pathways, changing the environment, staff training, etc.,” explains Ndukwu.

Update your information. Make sure you have updated your website and Google My Business (GMB) listing about your in-location hours.

Pay attention to feedback. Another thing businesses should do particularly at this time is listening to feedback from customers. Find out what their worries are about utilizing your business and try to resolve those fears. Maybe they still want pickup options, for example. Try to fulfill their request. The happier and more confident the customers, the more likely they will come into your business.