Make Holiday Travel More Manageable

Travel Tips

Flying often turns into a hassle that can sour even the most ardent holiday enthusiast. However, there are seven things you can do to make flying this holiday season more manageable.

1. Use your smartphone. Apps such as Flight Status notify you in real time of any flight changes and baggage numbers. GateGuru provides a head?s up of how much time you can expect to spend waiting in security lines.

2. Pack light and don?t check luggage. Streamlining your trip saves time and headache and gives you fewer items to fret about. If you have oodles of presents, ship them ahead of time or shop online and have the gifts delivered to your destination.

3. Never bring wrapped gifts aboard; don?t check them either. Security will have to unwrap them. Opt for gift bags or shipping instead.

4. Earplugs! No one likes being in the middle of a busy, loud airport with crying babies everywhere you look. Earplugs help solve that issue, and an eye mask may help you sleep better on the plane.

5. Travel to and from smaller airports if possible. Smaller airports get less traffic because of fewer flights. Even if you have to pay a little more, the mental savings may be worth it. However, you should also opt for nonstop flights if you can; some layovers are brutal. Flying to and from larger airports might be worth it if going smaller means layovers.

6. Time your flights for early or late. Airports are less busy early in the morning and late at night. You are also less likely to face flight delays, particularly with morning flights.

7. List all information ahead of time. That includes phone numbers and websites for all stops such as your hotel, car rental place, airline, and family and friends at your destination. Keep the info in your phone or with you?not in checked or even carry-on luggage.

Also, if you are traveling abroad, then follow these tips.