7 Strategies Mobile Marketers Should Focus on in Q1

(Marketing executive peering into a laptop.)


Entrepreneurial Q&A: What should mobile marketers focus on doing better in Q1 of the new year and why?

A: Delivering quality. “Everyone has been saying, ‘This is the year for mobile’ for the past several years. Guess what? It’s already here. It has been here. As everyone begins to realize this, there will be increased noise targeting mobile users. You will really need to stand out if you want to attract mobile users. Creating a creative campaign is going to be extremely important as everyone starts to play in the space.” Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media

Leveraging mobile to drive leads. “Change your sales funnels to be more lead focused on mobile and bring the customer to their desktop for the sale. While consumers are getting more comfortable making a purchase on a mobile device, many are still wary of hitting the buy button on their phone. However, they have no problem filling out a lead form, so make sure to capitalize on that.” Diana Goodwin, AquaMobile

Integrating vertical video. “We’ve been shooting video vertically on our phones for years and many brands have already started to adapt. Mobile marketers are beginning to create videos ads with a vertical perspective to stay consistent with the way we watch videos on our smart phones. I believe that this is the future of mobile advertising and mobile marketers should focus more on vertical video in the upcoming year.” Stanley Meytin, True Film Production

Integrating SMS marketing. “SMS marketing is highly effective yet few still use it. Open and click-through rates tend to be much higher than email. It’s perfect for timely opportunities, quick reminders, and friendly announcements. Many third parties now offer easy, cost-effective SMS solutions, allowing you to be up and running in no time. So focus on building your SMS list in 2018 and increase your marketing angles.” Nicolas Gremion, Free-eBooks.net

Working with industry leaders. “Mobile still needs a lot of work, and it’s going to take marketers really digging in with industry leaders to improve the experience in an effective way. Despite high adoption rates on handheld devices, and browser statistics for mobile users growing yearly, the experience of engaging with the mobile web is still clunky, making using it as a marketing device a difficult problem to solve.” Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

Using mobile A/B testing. “What matters more — traffic or conversions? Too many businesses focus on traffic over a much more important key performance indicator: conversions. Fortunately for mobile marketers, A/B testing and optimization tools like Optimizely and MixPanel have become increasingly affordable and enable the ability to test multiple versions of the same mobile page or view thereby increasing conversions.” Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow.com

Using personalization. “Q1 is a time to reflect and analyze successes and build marketing programming based on the big mobile/tech events. For mobile marketers who are faced with steep competition and innovation, Q1 should tackle how to make experiences more personalized, valuable and timely for customers. The more relevant mobile marketing is, the more likely you’ll be to create long-lasting, loyal customer relationships.” Mark Ghermezian, Braze