7 Signs To Start Looking For Another Job

RESQuitting a job is a big decision for most individuals. While there are many reasons to quit it can sometimes be difficult to identify those reasons, as well as the timing, when there are bills to pay and/or a family to support.

During the past 15 years in corporate America, I’ve worked for three different companies that were acquired by larger organizations on four different occasions. During and after each merger, I noticed several signs that the organizational change and evolution was not a fit for me at that time.?

Based on those early-warning signals, I was able to identify and secure better opportunities with different organizations. Those seven warning signs were:?

1. People you respect are fired.

During the second acquisition I went through, the president of our company — one of the best bosses I ever had — was fired. I was stunned by the surprise move, as was the entire organization. Since I was in charge of internal and external communications, the acquiring CEO asked my thoughts about his decision to fire the much-beloved president the day it happened.?