What to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Web DesignChoose the right web designer by asking the right questions.

Almost anyone can build a website. However, since it will serve as your company?s face in the online world, you definitely need to do it right. To make sure you get a good return on your investment and avoid any costly website mistakes along the way, make sure you hire the right web designer or web design firm to do the job.

Ask the Right Questions before Hiring a Web Designer
Since the development and creation of a business website requires a considerable amount of money, you need to ask some tough questions before hiring a web designer for the project. Here is a list of questions every business owner should ask to find the ideal person or design firm for the job.

Can I see some samples of your best work?

Every designer has a unique style and a design range within which they do their best work. As such, you need to take a look at their portfolio to determine if their design aesthetics fits yours. To get a better idea if they can deliver what you want, try checking at least three of their clients? websites.

How long have you been in business?
Choose a web design firm with several years of experience under its belt, and who would be around for a while since you need to work with them for quite some time.

Do you offer responsive web design?
Your website should be viewed across multiple platforms to maximize your earning potentials. Remember, mobile marketing is the wave of the future. Don?t be left behind.

Will you optimize my website for local search?
Don?t assume that your developer would automatically optimize your website for local search. Clarify these things before you give the go signal.

How long would it take to finish the project?
Know when you should expect the final product. Consider asking their previous clients if they have completed their projects within the given timeline.

How much would the project cost?

Ask how they base their pricing (hourly fee vs. flat fee) and their payment policy, and if the domain registration and web hosting are included in the project cost. Also ask if they have a clear procedure for billing additional features that are outside the scope of the project, and if they have a history of going over budget. You would not want to be taken by surprise when your final bill comes in. In addition, ask whether they offer maintenance and service plans, and how much they are charging for such services.

Do you offer tech support?
Websites need ongoing support and maintenance so you need to know who you can talk to in case you need help.