Design Ideas That Can Help You Make the Most of a Small Space

Maximize the square footage of your homeHow can you make the most of a small space? Here’s how.

Every space can look bigger and roomier than it actually is ? if you know how to make it work. So, if you are tight on space or would like to get the most out of a tiny nook, here are some ideas that can help you maximize your square footage.?

How to Make the Most of a Small Space

Lighten it up. Lightening the walls can really work wonders for a cramped space. Using light hues such as pale blues, yellows, greens, gray and cream will open up your space and make it appear larger than it actually is. You can also try uncovering your windows to draw more light and add depth to your room.

Think vertically. Create a feeling of expansiveness by drawing the eye upward. You can do this by using under-utilized spaces on top of furniture to incorporate high-mounted or hanging design elements such as bookcases and cabinets. You can also try hanging your curtains and other fun fixtures from the ceiling to add even more height to the space.

Make your furniture work for you. A lot of people think that using large furniture in small rooms will cramp up the space. Well, there is absolutely no truth in this. Using a few large furnishings in a small room or displaying one prominent item in the room is definitely better than filling it up with an assortment of pint-sized furniture. You should also consider using multi-purpose furnishings and decorative elements to further streamline the space.

Give it some space. Most people shove their furniture against the wall because they think that doing so will make their space look bigger. However, this can sometimes make the room feel more cramped and less personal so it may be better if you space things out.?

Tear it down. Open up more space and connect adjacent spaces by tearing down walls, installing larger windows and/or using glass doors.

Use mirrors. Make any room look bigger by using mirrors to reflect light and open up the space. You can also replace your old wooden coffee table with a glass one or hang art pieces in glass frames. ??

Organize. There is no need to fill every nook and cranny since this can only make your space look even smaller. So, clear up the clutter by throwing away useless, outdated and broken items, and keep things organized and away from plain sight. You can also consider redesigning your space to get the effect you need.