7 Appointment Scheduling Apps That Stand Out from the Rest


Q: What is your favorite appointment scheduling app, and what sets it apart from the rest?

A: Calendly. “We’ve had great success using Calendly. You include your link with available meeting times in an email, and the client schedules their own appointment from there. It eliminates the back and forth of trying to find a time that works for everyone and is super easy to use.” Micah Johnson, GoFanbase, Inc.

ScheduleOnce. “Since using ScheduleOnce’s MeetMe for scheduling meetings with clients, there has been a vast improvement in organization and a reduction in the back-and-forth emails that normally ensue when trying to set up an appointment. It’s easy to use, reduces admin effort and removes headaches.” Thomas Smale, FE International

x.ai. “Amy, the virtual artificial assistant from x.ai, is really sophisticated and has handled a number of my complicated scheduling requests without fail. Most of the time, the other side has no idea that they are interacting with a computer-generated program.” Reza Chowdhury, AlleyWatch

Google Apps. “Google Calendars is tried and true for a reason. It syncs with nearly every phone, computer and email account, allowing me to have constant access to my calendar and add appointments wherever I am. While there are other options out there, this is easy to use and virtually everywhere. ” Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

Mixmax. “Mixmax is a Gmail integration app that has a feature that really takes the hassle out of scheduling meetings. You just add calendar spots to your email and the person you send it to just clicks on the time that works for them and it’s booked. There is no back and forth. It easily saves me hours every week.” Thomas Cullen, LaunchPad Lab

Pick.co. “Scheduling should be an easy task but tends to have the most complicated solutions catering to it. Most of them often miss the point: getting the appointment set quickly. Pick.co makes it so easy to set your preferred times and connect with your existing calendar. Then you’re good to share your calendar link with the world.” Rahul Varshneya, Arkenea

Front Desk. “Front Desk is the most reliable, simple and flexible solution that I’ve used for scheduling within my team, company and clients. The software adapts to my company’s unique workflow and does not force us to schedule in ways that we are not used to. The entire team adapted to Front Desk immediately, and it makes communication flow easily and successfully.” Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com