6 Ways to Help Battle the Effects of Burnout

(Black female entrepreneur suffering from burnout)

Entrepreneurial Q&A: How do you help employees (or co-founders) who are experiencing burnout get back on track?

A: Create a tailored solution. “Everyone gets burned out here and there. As a leader you need to ask, listen and then create a solution. There is not one single reason people get burned out. We are all individuals with unique tasks, thoughts, problems, etc. Ask and listen to people. Then come up with the best solution you can both agree on and put it into action!” Jeff Cayley, Worldwide Cyclery

Encourage transparency and vulnerability. “Burnout is inevitable, especially in a startup environment. As a CEO, it’s important to watch for signs of burnout among your executives and to teach them how to look for signs on their teams. Transparency and vulnerability are keys to getting employees back on track after a burnout. We listen carefully and, when necessary, take action. Sometimes, that action is a short break; other times it’s a change.” Simon Berg, Ceros

Get them grounded. “It’s different for every person, but find a way to get them grounded and back on track. I’ve found regular meditation, yoga and massages to work wonders.” David Henzel, davidhenzel.com

Offer more flexibility. “Burnout is often more related to the struggle to balance all of life and work responsibilities that seem to increase over time. By providing employees with more flexible working arrangements, they may feel relieved and more relaxed, knowing that they can strike a balance and more effectively take care of all their responsibilities. In return, they are more likely to feel and act productively.” Angela, Ruth, Calendar

Offer new challenges. “Offering new challenges in the form of projects or positions might help an employee work through burnout, as burnout typically has to do with the fact that what they were doing is no longer interesting or holds any real challenge for them. In providing these new challenges, you will want to include the training or education to set them up for the new work.” Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

Ditch the monotony. “I like to check in with my employees and make sure they are happy. To keep it fresh and fun in the office, we’re always doing contests, having ping pong tournaments, potlucks, ugly sweater contests — anything to help make the environment fun and keep the day-to-day exciting.” Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

(Article written by Young Entrepreneur Council)