6 Tools That Make Tedious Tasks Fun

Technology has often focused on the dour end of utilitarianism when it comes to business tools. For a long time, there was little difference between filling out a paper expense form and doing it on your computer.

But increasingly, productivity and utility tools are becoming more and more about great experiences, whether you want a taxi delivered to your door or a file delivered to your client.

Understandably businesses often take time to catch on to these new tools; it’s not an easy decision to invest time and money in a new service that might not exist in six months’ time.

But if you want your team to work more effectively using engaging utilities, here are six helpful tools that provide utility without the monotony:

1. Stitch
Mobile email
Stitch calls itself “mobile email for sales people,” but this smart app is useful for anyone who works on the go. You can track your sent emails to know when they’ve been seen and easily attach files from your online storage services, like Hightail or Dropbox. Plus, creating templates helps avoid typing the same messages–like “I’m running late”–again and again.

2. Zen Payroll
Accountancy is built on double-entry bookkeeping, so it’s not surprising that more efficient ideas take time to catch on. Zen Payroll is delightful with its secure automated payroll software that integrates with commonly used bookkeeping software. Best of all, employees can easily access their own paystubs and other information.


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