50 Cent Goes 3D

50 CentHe?s known for not only his hip-hop music, but his wise investment choices. His initial investment paid off big time when he bought into Vitamin Water. He made millions when Coca-Cola bought his Vitamin Water drink, Formula 50.

Now the rap entrepreneur has invested in GUNNAR Optiks, a high-end ?digital performance eyewear? company, that makes 3D glasses for gaming, among other items. 50 became a fan of the company. “50?s manager initially contacted us after meeting at a charity event. They were interested in our lens technology and after learning more about GUNNAR and discussing various opportunities, decided that being involved as an advisor and investor capacity was best for both parties,” says Jennifer Michelsen, co-founder of GUNNAR Optiks.

It has not been revealed how much 50 invested, but Michelsen says his celebrity profile will only help the company. “50 is well known for his career in film and music, but also as a savvy investor,” notes Michelsen. “He is well respected in the business community and his investments have gained interest from media and consumers as well.”

GUNNAR Optiks sells glasses designed for various digital pastimes, such as glasses that help reduce the eye strain associated with staring at LCDs all day long.

50 became interested in the company via his own digital gaming developments. “When we first met 50 Cent, he was developing his video game, Blood on the Sand,” explains Michelsen. “We were already working with several groups in the gaming industry and he was intrigued by the concept of computer eyewear, as it pertains to gamers as well.”

Beyond the 50 investment, GUNNAR says there is much to look forward to in their product line. “Future plans for GUNNAR Optiks include continued development of cutting-edge and innovative eyewear technology that protects and enhances the visual system in a digital world,” says Michelsen. “We will continue to focus on consumer education of eye health and prevention of eye strain as we expand into global markets. As people who work with digital products on a daily basis ourselves, we’re dedicated to making sure the future is bright for generations to come.”