50 Cent Set To Release Workout DVD and Book

fifty cents dvd and guide bookThe fitness industry is a multi-billion a year industry, with Americans spending $40 billion a year on weight-loss programs and products, according to Business Week. So it’s no wonder 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson), known as one of the most in shape rappers around, would want to release a workout DVD. He’s already in the industry, sort of. His Formula 50 Vitamin Water, which made him millions when the makers (Glac?au) sold the company to Coca-Cola for more than $4 billion, was a hot-selling drink for people wanting to maintain their fitness regime.

Now comes the workout DVD and guide book, Formula 50 Workout. L.A.-based fitness instructor Selenia Logan says the DVD has the potential of being successful. ?People want to be encouraged and motivated when it comes to fitness. Music is already a big motivating factor when it comes to most people?s workout routine. Many can?t work out without it. So when you add a popular face and physique such as 50 Cent you probably have a hit. The only thing that could ruin it would be bad reviews on the video format,? says Logan, a pole fitness instructor at Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio and founder of PinkPoleParty.org.

And it’s not just one DVD the hit-making hip hop artist wants to release?he reportedly wants to produce a series of DVDs. The new DVD not only includes exercises, but also a nutrition guide that claims to result in 10 percent loss of body fat, 20 percent energy gain, and 20 percent improvement of strength and endurance. It is a six-week fitness program.

The video/workout guide will go on sale December 27th.