50 Cent Debuts Another Energy Drink

50 centWhile Curtis James Jackson III may have gotten his entry into business via his rap success as 50 Cent, the hip-hop star has turned entrepreneurship into a new art form. Several of his ventures have been history-making successes. Not only has he sold more than 22 million albums worldwide, his business ventures include music ownership, artist management, film production, footwear and clothing, video games, publishing, health drinks and supplements. ??

Now he is teaming up with Pure Growth Partners to not only create a new business, but to give back. His soon-to-be-launched Street King will benefit needy children. The new energy shot will be available nationwide starting September. The drink contains?no?artificial?colors? and?is?a?natural source of caffeine derived from coffee beans. Each? 2.5?fluid?ounce shot is comparable to a cup of coffee but contains no carbs, calories and sugar.?The grape flavor also?contains vitamins and gingko biloba.
The last time 50 entered the energy drink arena, he?scored big time. When Coca-Cola Company bought the firm behind his energy drink Formula 50, Glaceau for $4.1 billion, 50 Cent raked in a reported $400 million.??

The energy drink market continues to grow, making it another wise business move for 50. In fact, according to Beverage Marketing, the growth rate of the industry had been doubling ever since the late ?90s. The current U.S. domestic market was expected to grow to an estimated US $10 billion last year.??

This time, however, his venture back into the energy beverage industry will not just?be to make money, but to give back. The venture is an?alliance?between?Jackson?and?entrepreneur?Chris?Clarke of Pure Growth Partners to form Street?King.?With?the?purchase?of?every?energy?shot, Street King will provide a meal for a child in need.?The pair has? a?goal?to?feed?1?billion?children?over?the?next?five?years.??

While Pure Growth Partners declined to give further comment, in a press statement Clarke announced, ?50 Cent and I share a common vision: to address the world?s problems through smart and sustainable business?models. With?the?rampant?starvation?in?Africa?and?hunger? afflicting?children worldwide,? we? need? socially?responsible? businesses? that? affect? real? change? now? more? than? ever.” Added 50, “I?m inspired by Chris? vision and innovative approaches to tackling serious issues. It?s our mission with Street King to really change children?s lives around the world.”
Pure Growth Partners conceives, incubates and launches innovative consumer brands in partnership with the world?s?leading celebrities and with every transaction gives back to some of the most important and influential non-profits in the world.