5 Ways to Miss Getting Promoted

PROMOTEYour company picks up a great new project and is looking for the right person to head it up. Or, your boss announces her departure, and suddenly a plum job is up for grabs.

You look around the room and realize that the person best suited for this opportunity just might be you.

Before you start tearing up your old business cards, it?s important to bear in mind that promotions are a tricky business — often muddied by internal politics. If you want the decision to fall in your favor, avoid these common pitfalls.

1. Not speaking up

A few years back, a write-in candidate running for a school board in Michigan would have won with a single vote. She lost because she didn?t show up to vote for herself. If a person can?t be bothered to support his or her own candidacy, why should anyone else?

If you want something, don?t wait around for somebody else to make it ?happen. And never assume you?re out of the running simply because your name didn?t take an early spot on the ballot. Speak up. Let the decisionmakers know that this is something you want — and then tell them precisely why you?re the person they?ve been looking for.

Do not be that person who speaks up only after the fact to complain about being passed over.