5 Ways SEO Can Increase Your Client Base

SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very easy and effective way for professionals to gain business traffic. There are many companies that offer SEO services to businesses to help get their sites to the top of the searches. So what, exactly, can SEO do for your business? Here are five great ways for entrepreneurs to increase their client bases with SEO:

1.) Increase your company?s branding

Face it?the easiest way for clients to find you is to know you. Building your company?s branding is one of the most important things you can do to start building your client base and getting your name out there. When used effectively, SEO can bring your company?s name up in many of the top searches, which leads to a lot of exposure for your company. ?Most business owners think that they should just build a Web site and that?s it. However, it?s only the beginning,? says LaVon Lewis, president and creative director of Pencilworx Design Group, L.L.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. ?The web has evolved and with that evolution studies show that over 60% of individuals search first for a company on the Internet before a phone book or any traditional media. It is very important to have a broad SEO strategy that increases your Web presence, connects with new clients and accomplishes all brand awareness objectives,? he says.
2.) Get to the top

By targeting the right keywords and phrases, entrepreneurs can use SEO to take their small businesses all the way to the top of the search engine rankings. The result? More potential clients will find your company, and you’ll be perceived as more credible than all of the competing businesses that rank below you.

3.) Variety is the spice of life

When done correctly, SEO can bring in all kinds of new clients he or she wouldn?t have otherwise found. According to a recent study, 80 percent of all Internet users first refer to search engines when looking for something. That means potential clients from all across the world will find your site if you target the right keywords in your Web copy. If your business is small, this is a lasting, inexpensive way to market it, as SEO costs much less than most other forms of advertising.

4.) Get a return on your investment

As an entrepreneur, you know that your Web site is important to your company. By investing money in your site through SEO, the traffic driven will pay for itself. Also, if you want to put focus on being a professional, this can help. By using SEO in your news articles, you may be able to find investors or grant money for black businesses. When you have more to invest in your company, you can attract more clients.

5.) Find clients that don?t know they need you

By using SEO, certain keywords will bring your site up in searches even if it isn?t that relevant. A potential client could be attracted to your site through an unrelated search and realize they need you. This is a great way to bring in clients who never knew you existed – or that you could help them.

The most important thing to remember when utilizing SEO is to make sure it is done properly and effectively. It?s important to research your chosen SEO company as any ?black hat? SEO practices will result in your site being banned from search rankings. By choosing a reputable company, clients will be bidding for your time before you know it.

Additional reporting contributed by Sergie Willoughby