5 Simple Tips for Packing and Traveling Lightly this Holiday Season

Traveling over the holidays Take the stress out of your holiday travel by bringing the bare essentials.

Traveling over the holidays can be a lot of fun but it can also be extremely stressful. With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the season, you need to pack and travel light so you can travel with ease, comfort and convenience. You can easily maneuver your way in the terminal and dodge other travelers when you are just carrying a backpack or a small wheeled carry-on. Traveling light can also help you save money since you don’t need to pay any baggage fees. It can also help you avoid the hassle of losing your baggage.

Tips for Packing and Traveling Light
If you want to make your holiday travel more manageable, here are some tips that you may find useful.

  • Make a list. You need to make a list to help you prioritize the things you need to bring for your trip. This can help ensure that you will not forget the things you need while weeding out all the non-essential items that can only bog you down.
  • Take no more than one bag with you. You only need to bring one piece of luggage on your trip. To ensure ultimate ease and convenience, choose a carry-on bag that does not need to be checked in. You should also choose a luggage that makes perfect sense so choose a wheeled, solid carry-on with an extendable grip if you will be touring the city but use a hiking pack if you are more of a camper or adventure enthusiast.
  • Don’t bring too many clothes. Most travelers bring too many clothes but most of these go unused. So, instead of packing all your favorite outfits into your suitcase, you need to choose a color theme and pack versatile items that you can mix and match so you never run out of style. Always bring clothes that will serve more than one purpose, and choose dark colored clothes since they look less wrinkled as compared to light-colored clothes. Bring only one pair of jeans and roll your clothes tightly to cut the space they take up.
  • Bring one pair of shoes. You can save a lot of space in your baggage by bringing one versatile pair of shoes ? ideally, the ones you wear during the trip. Just make sure that it can be used in most types of terrains and still be fashionable enough to wear on any social or dining events. Be creative.
  • Streamline your toiletry kit. No matter where you are headed, you should only bring the bare essentials. So, consider leaving the hairdryer, loofah and bath salts behind and bring combination shampoo and conditioner to further save on space. Bring the smallest deodorant and toothpaste available since there is very little chance that you will run of these items during your trip.