5 Industries Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Overlook

When you imagine the future, your mind tends to wander to cool technological advances (who doesn’t want a hoverboard, after all?), and it’s all too easy to get stuck daydreaming when you should be strategizing. If you truly want to lead the way to tomorrow, however, simply use your natural curiosity to imagine how our everyday lives could improve. And while the tech world certainly isn’t disappearing any time soon, broaden your scope to other industries and zero in on the profitable aspects of technology. Here are five areas that I think will pay up in the not-too-distant future:

??? 1. Everything Military-Related Although statistics show there’s more peace throughout the world than in previous centuries, military expenditures are increasing exponentially, and frightening headlines are making people feel unsafe. Human instinct requires basic protection, and we subconsciously gravitate toward strength, so anything that projects that idea will sell. Invest now in products that emphasize strength, dominance, and power–gyms, camouflage clothing, and heavy equipment.

??? 2. Genetically Modified Food I know I sound contrarian, but genetically modified food will be the hot new thing in 10 to 20 years. While we all love natural food, with population growth, climate concerns, military conflict, and poor infrastructures, it’s unrealistic to think we can feed the world with fresh, organic cabbage and grass-fed cows. Studies on GMO health concerns or benefits are currently inconclusive, but soon, this food will become healthier. What’s more, entrepreneurs who develop inexpensive GMO food and establish relationships with distributors in areas with food shortages will reap huge benefits if they can produce what’s in demand without costs to our environment or health.

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