5 Great Budgeting Apps to Download

Budget appsWith technology advancing, carrying cash is becoming a dying act. Websites like eBay, and PayPal remembers our credit card numbers, and we can get carried with just a simple swipe!

To save you from a financial burden, here are a few budgeting apps to download before it’s too late.


Overwhelmed with a myriad of bills, loans, but never pay them on time? Think of Check as your personal accountant ? at the touch of your fingertips. Check not only monitors your accounts, but it also notifies users about upcoming bills, and pays them for you. Users can also schedule payments in advance, this way users doesn?t have to worry about late fees ? again.


When finding a way to simplifying your expenses, Expensify simply does that. Keeping track of your receipts can become a hassle, Expensify allows users to not only take pictures of their receipts, but also create expense reports ? from your phone.? In addition to personal finance, Expensify is also good for companies, so employers can keep track of expense reports, company card transactions, and reimbursements.


This free app not only it categorizes all of your necessities and leisure activities ? like groceries, fast food, transportation and bars ? but they also put in chart format to visualize where most of your money is being spent. With different budgets, users can also create financial goals and deadlines ? for things like going on vacations, saving up for a car or paying off loans.

Level Money

When it comes to calculating your cash flow, Level Money is does it ? in real- time. Not only does it display your income in graphs, but also gives users a spendable budget for the day, week and month. This app also has a rollover feature, where the leftover money users don?t spend are transferred into their saving, or other accounts users see fit.

Personal Capital

With the mantra of ?The only wealth management tool you?ll ever need,? consider Personal Capital your financial watchdog. Not only does Personal Capital monitor your assets, stocks and bonds, it also analyzes your 401k plan, keeps you in the loop with your investments, along with weekly and monthly reports.

Also, if you happen to find a finance budgeting app that works for you, make sure that your app is secure with at least of the following three:


McAffe Secure

Truste Certifiied Privacy