5 Content Writing Mistakes that Can Cost You Your Business

writing contentAvoid these mistakes when writing content for your business website.

Writing engaging and grammatically correct content can give your business a boost while publishing boring content with numerous spelling and grammatical errors can cost you your business. So, while a mere 16% of your website visitors will actually read every word, you still need to pay careful attention to what you write to avoid ruining your chances of success.

Keep in mind that your content represents your business and your professional image. It can leave a lasting impression on your audience so don’t let them down. If you fail to impress them with your knowledge and professionalism, they will not hesitate to check out what the competition has to offer. And this wouldn’t be good for your business.

When done right, your content can turn readers into subscribers, paying customers and strong advocates for your brand. Here are some content writing mistakes to avoid.

Clich?s and metaphors

A person’s mind is programmed to ignore old information so avoid using clich?s, metaphors and other useless words and phrases.

Words with private meaning

Making a statement without providing enough data to support it makes it meaningless. If you think you can get away with making baseless claims, think again. Today’s audience is an intelligent lot so claims that go unsupported will definitely fail to impress. Worse, it may even tarnish your brand’s credibility.

Complicated words

Why complicate things when you can make them simple? Never use needlessly complicated words such as ascertain, exacerbate, plethora and utilize when you can use simpler words in their place.

Wall of text

Large chunks of text can easily overwhelm your readers so break them up into shorter paragraphs. Use descriptive subheaders whenever necessary and consider using a separate paragraph for each key component of your content. Studies indicate that proper use of white space can increase reader comprehension by at least 20%.

Inappropriate fonts

Using fonts smaller than an 8 point and the use of too much bold or italicized text can make your online articles difficult to read. The use of all caps and hard to read colors is also a big no-no for business blogs since these can permanently turn off your readers.

Aside from providing value, your content should give your readers the impression of professionalism so avoid these writing mistakes at all costs.