The 5 Biggest Hurdles to Getting the Raise You Want

Getting a raiseUnderstand the reasons why you didn’t get the raise you deserve.

Not getting the raise you think you deserve despite all your hard work can be extremely frustrating, especially if you desperately need that extra income. If you managed to ace your performance review but still didn’t get a raise, there might be another reason for it ? and it may have nothing to do with a bad economy.

Top Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Raise
What could be the reason why you didn’t receive a bump in pay this year? Here are some of the most possible explanations why these things happen.

You did not ask for it. While there are companies that automatically give automatic pay increases whenever they can afford it, there are also those that need some prodding before they give their employees a raise. Not asking for a raise may lead your supervisor to believe that you are already satisfied with your current salary. Remember, asking for a raise will not hurt you, especially if you can demonstrate how your contributions provided added value to the company.

You cannot back up your request with the necessary information. Merely asking for a raise without providing the necessary information to support your request will not work. To increase your chances of getting a raise, make sure you come up with a list of your personal accomplishments to demonstrate why you deserve a raise. You should also know the standard industry salaries and increases for professionals in similar fields in your area so you can have? a valid point of reference.

You did not go beyond your responsibilities. Some people think that they deserve a raise for performing their responsibilities well. Unfortunately, this is not true. You need to be an exceptional employee and go beyond your responsibilities to earn a raise. To do this, you need to do more than what is expected of you. Think of ways to exceed your boss’s expectations and you may be eligible for a raise in the very near future.

You didn’t show off your accomplishments or are doing blatant self-promotion. Commit any one of these mistakes and you, more than likely, will not receive a raise. To get a raise, your boss should be aware of every major project you have taken on and the results you get from your efforts. Share your successes whenever you can, especially during your performance review and formal request for a raise. But be subtle about it.

You make it all about you. Remember, when asking for a raise, don’t make it personal. You may win your employer’s sympathy by revealing your personal circumstances but there is a great chance that your boss will eventually ignore your request. Your employer is not interested to know why you need the money, but whether or not you deserve it.