Things to Add to Your Not-to-Do List at Work

Habits at Work  There are some things that you should definitely avoid at work.

Are you ready to start your own ‘not-to-do’ list? You should – if you want to boost your productivity and improve your chances for career development. CEOs and productivity experts highly recommend this strategy since it can help you free up some valuable time and focus on what really matters.
As your work routine becomes the norm, you develop habits that may or may not be beneficial to your work. Since these habits become part of the norm, you may not even be aware of them. Even if you are, you become so used to them that you take little or no action to address them. This can be a problem since over time, these habits may affect your chances of getting promoted and may even cost you your job.

Beware of These Bad Habits at Work

What are some things that you should definitely avoid doing at work? Here are some of them.

Poor planning

Poor planning skills can lead to missed deadlines, sloppy or incomplete work, and unnecessary stress ? both for yourself and the people you work with. To correct this bad habit, you need to organize your projects and learn how to prioritize. For best results, start to plan what you will do the next day before leaving work.


Working on your projects at the very last minute can drive your team nuts, especially if it means they have to work quickly, or worse, work overtime just to beat the deadline. Do this and you will surely irritate your co-workers and get the blame when the project fails.


Lying would not get you anywhere so you need to be truthful at all times. With that said, you should never plagiarize and claim the credit when it should be given to someone else. Don’t lie on your time sheet and/or abuse company credit cards. Lying in small ways can have a snowball effect and may hurt you in the end.


You need to show respect for other people’s time so don’t get into the habit of coming in late to work or from your break, turning up late in meetings or submitting work after the deadline.

Being Too Engrossed in Office Politics

While you need to be concerned with what’s happening around the workplace and have healthy conversations with your co-workers regarding work-related issues, you need to know where to draw the line since it can easily turn into gossiping. This nasty habit can create an unpleasant work environment and affect the morale of the people who are the subject of the gossip.

There are still a lot of negative behaviors that you should definitely avoid at work. Things like negativity, temper tantrums, lack of good manners, inattentiveness, poor email etiquette, social media addiction, doing things on your own, and putting personal life before work, can all work against you so you may also want to add them to your ‘not-to-do’ list.