5 Apps To Make Your Life Easier

APPEntrepreneurs love technology and apps — we welcome anything that allows us to be more productive on the go with open arms. With more than 1.2 million apps in Apple?s App Store, it?s impossible to keep track of them all — and very easy to let a gem slip past.

Here are five apps that I have recently started using that are worth checking out.


1. UberConference

Have you ever had to plan your day around a conference call? Ever felt like a prisoner in your office because you had to be glued to your desk to jump on that call? Grab UberConference now and you can handle you conference calls on the go right from your mobile device.


Say goodbye to scheduling travel plans around conference calls — this app lets you watch the call in action as if you were behind your desk on your computer and you can quickly schedule a call and add members through your phone contacts. This app has been a lifesaver and I no longer cringe when I have a conference call on my schedule.

2. Sunrise

The standard iPhone calendar app is good — but Sunrise is better. The user experience is flawless and it easily connects to all the major calendars, including Exchange, iCloud and Google Calendar. This is a perfect example of an app that doesn?t need any fancy gimmicks. The interface is simple and easy to use. It?s free, so give it a spin and see if you abandon your previous calendar app like I have.

3. Flipboard

Do you find yourself getting your daily news from a dozen different websites every day? Flipboard lets you select from current events and several other categories — and delivers relevant news all in one stream. Jumping around between websites can cut into your productivity, so allow this app to summarize everything, and allow you to access all of your news in one place. Highly customizable, you get to select what news and social feeds it delivers.?