5 Apps to Make Christmas Shopping Easier

Great apps that make your Christmas shopping a lot more manageable.

Holiday shopping can be a headache, but these five apps take some hassle out of it?and may even inject some fun.

1. ShopSavvy, free on iOS and Android: You scan barcodes of products you are interested in to see price comparisons. The app analyzes big and small stores alike to find you the top deal. You can also set up price alerts, read reviews, make lists of products to buy and check out sales.

2. Reward Summit, free on iOS and Android: This app helps you decide which credit card to use. You input the cards you have and your banks. Don?t worry?you?re not asked for sensitive or identifying data. You also log in the store where you are buying and the amount of the purchase. The app tells you which card gives the best rewards. It will also notify you if there is another card that would score better benefits. Additional features include a record of recent purchases and card usage.

3. Gift Professor, free on iOS and Android: If you?re stumped about what to get your aunt, Gift Professor can help. You input answers to a few simple questions and are rewarded with a list of personalized gifts. Gift Professor draws from at least 2,000 retailers and adds new gifts every day.

4. Shopkick, free on iOS and Android: Shopkick is more than a typical app that helps you find deals. It allows you to rack up points through activities such as walking into a store while using the app, or scanning a barcode in a store. These points accumulate, and you end up with free gift cards. While the gift cards will not make you rich, getting compensation for your holiday shopping is great.

5. Deliveries Package Tracker, paid on iOS and Android: This app gives you peace of mind that gifts have safely arrived. You can work with more than 30 delivery services, see countdowns and more.
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