5 Apps to Help You Stay Focused While at Work

Stay Focused While at WorkIf you have trouble focusing at work, five apps help you stay on task

Do you get distracted easily at work, with your fingers giving in to the itch to check Facebook? While it?s easy for technology to sidetrack you, the answer can also lie in technology. Use the following five apps to help you increase productivity.

1. Focus booster
This app is the equivalent of a timer that rewards focused, hard work with breaks of three to five minutes. Focus well for 25 minutes, and enjoy your respite. These short recharging sessions also keep your brainpower and focus sharp.

2. Isolator (if you?re a Mac user) or Le Dimmer (if you?re a Windows user)
These two apps work by focusing your attention on the active window. They hide, blur or dim everything except the task on hand. They don?t seem to do much, exactly, but it?s amazing how this simple approach sharpens your focus.

3. Todoist
This app allows you to prioritize tasks and collaborate with others. It?s quite versatile, being available on the Internet and on 15 other platforms, meaning you can access it from virtually anywhere on virtually any device. It helps you stay focused on the task at hand, because you?ve already prioritized it.

4. Calendy
Have you developed a habit of double booking, or are you tired of dealing with requests for meetings? Calendy acts as a sort-of secretary to help you focus by getting rid of these distractions. You input the days and times you are available for various tasks such as lunches, meetings and client calls. You send that information to the pertinent people, and when they want to meet, they visit the Calendy page, and schedule a meeting themselves. The app automatically updates, and you have one fewer distraction.

5. Calm
Have a couple of minutes, 20 minutes or something in between? This app gifts you with seven meditation sessions for the times that you need a break to de-stress and regain focus and sanity.