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Ylorie C. Anderson

Ylorie C. Anderson

Ylorie C. Anderson
Vice President, Marketing
First Choice Sales and Marketing Group
New York City
Age: 38

The name Ylorie C. Anderson may be unfamiliar to many, but that is not true of her moniker, Brown Girl Marketing. Across multiple social media networks, Anderson shares business insight, product knowledge, industry information and professional tips gleaned from more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience. ?I speak often on building brands, so it?s imperative that I utilize these platforms to build my own brand,? she says.


The graduate of Norfolk State University and DePaul University, whose career began at IBM, discovered her interest in the beauty industry while working as a brand manager for an ethnic brand in Indianapolis. ?When I entered the beauty industry, it was more of a monochromatic representation of women of color. I?m pleased to say that the industry has evolved in many ways to represent the true diversity of all shades of brown girls,? she says. Anderson now is vice president of marketing and strategy for First Choice Sales and Marketing Group. She oversees the firm?s North American marketing activities, which include client strategy, product and brand development, marketing and digital communications, and integrated marketing plans. Her creative ideas and concepts can be seen in many of the industry?s leading beauty brands.


A first-generation college graduate, Anderson says nothing exerted greater pressure on her to succeed than her own reflections. ?I made some decisions that, internally, I beat myself up for probably more than any external source or person would have,? she muses.


These very choices inspired her to be a mentor in her community, a service she performs through her church and local chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. A resident of New York City?s Harlem community, she lives by her motto ?Be teachable!? She shares r?sum? and business tips at women?s shelters, speaks to school-age children about furthering their education and volunteers at soup kitchens.

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