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Victor R. Scott II

Victor R. Scott II

Victor R. Scott II
Corporate Director of Government Relations
Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.
Las Vegas, Nev.
Age: 37

As corporate director of government relations for Pinnacle Entertainment ?Inc., operator of casinos in nine states with 14 locations, two racetracks and a national poker tour, Victor R. Scott II is happy to help change the perception that the casino, gambling and entertainment industry is rife with excesses and corruption. ?Our industry is so much more than just gaming,? Scott says. ?For some people, going to a movie theater is enough for their entertainment purposes. Our guests like to go to our properties and enjoy one of our restaurants, play golf, utilize our spa amenities, catch a show, or play a hand of cards, while being served by one of 15,000 employees.?

Scott promotes the needs of the employees and the industry by building relationships with politicians and community leaders. He is Pinnacle?s point person on policy and community affairs and in dealings with policymakers in Washington, D.C. and statehouses, where decisions can impact guests, employees and the company?s stock. ?There are many people who have a very strong religion-based dislike for our industry,? says Scott, who earned a bachelor?s degree in operations management and human resource development at Southwestern College in Kansas. ?We meet some levels of resistance to our industry, but my response is to be respectful, listen to their opinion and have them listen to our needs and concerns as a business in their state.?

As he copes with the challenges of his work, Scott recalls the sacrifices, support and guidance he received from family and mentors to help him become the man he now is. ?My accomplishments are about the people who have impacted my life, and I hope to have the same impact in my community,? he says. He co-founded a recruitment nonprofit
in South Central Kansas, which has become a premier resource for companies seeking diverse employees.

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