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Tory Ragsdale

Tory Ragsdale

Manager ? ??

Deloitte Consulting LLP?

New York, N.Y.

Age: 39


The youngest of 15 children, Tory Ragsdale had numerous examples from his siblings of the direction his life could take. Looking back, he advises young men who may wish to follow his professional footsteps to ?take the toughest road possible.? ??


Ragsdale?s professional footsteps amount to 15 years of experience gleaned at leading property-casualty, life/annuity and health insurance firms, including New York Life Insurance Co., State Farm Insurance Co. and Cigna Health Insurance. His tenure with these firms placed him in Connecticut, Illinois, and New York, as well as in the global arena to serve clients in Hong Kong, Colombia and Dubai. ?I enjoy the variety of what I do, as well as the subtle complexities and the challenges that I can commit to,? admits Ragsdale, now manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP, an arm of one of the ?Big Four? global professional services firms.?


Born in Philadelphia and raised in South New Jersey, Ragsdale is equally accomplished academically, acquiring superior honors in his university studies. He holds a bachelor?s degree, magna cum laude, in construction management from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore; a master?s in industrial technology from Illinois State University; and a master?s in business administration from Cornell University, and is pursuing a doctorate in information systems management at New Jersey Institute of Technology.?


His hectic work and school schedules aside, Ragsdale makes sure to spend time with his family, who he describes as his ?constant.? ?I believe that, in terms of what shapes us, where we grew up really doesn?t compare, in the grand scheme of things, to whom we?re born with and into,? he asserts. Having benefited from positive role models who supported his personal and professional endeavors, he pays it forward by volunteering with organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City and Habitat for Humanity.?

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