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Suzette Carlotta Bather

Suzette Carlotta Bather

Suzette Carlotta Bather
New York Manhattan Minority Business Development Agency Business Center, National Community Reinvestment Coalition
New York City
Age: 38

As director of the New York Manhattan Minority Business Development Agency Business Center under the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Suzette Carlotta Bather works with minority business owners earning $1 million or more in annual revenues. It?s a role she enjoys. ?I was able to facilitate the engagement of minority businesses ? to be recruited and to gain employment through a particular build out. As a result, the client I worked with, a $50 million client, grew to $70 million and was able to hire 250 employees to help with the build out of this particular project,? she says.


Bather faced immediate challenges upon joining the coalition. She was charged with building out the actual business center from the ground up, but was given only 30 square feet of office space to do so. ?Immediately, I went out into the marketplace and beat the pavement to find our New York City center, which is now located on 47th Street and Fifth Avenue,? says Bather. She negotiated an agreement with Bank of America, where the bank provided 8,500 square feet of office space, and single-handedly managed the entire construction project.


Even off the job, Bather appears to have a penchant for development and keeps a construction hat in her car as a reminder of the year she spent rehabilitating a distressed property in Brooklyn, N.Y. ?I love to build things from the ground up. I?m a visionary, so I was able to acquire a property and took on the role of building out,? she says. When not working to develop minority businesses or properties, she enjoys running, hiking, boating and traveling. Bather graduated from Binghamton University with a bachelor?s degree in psychology, from Pace University?s Lubin School of Business with a master?s in business administration and from Dartmouth College?s Tuck School of Business Executive Education Certificate Program.

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