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Shamika Lackey

Shamika Lackey

Vice President, Human Resources

Mid-Atlantic Region, Macy?s Inc.

East Brunswick, N.J.?

Age: 39


Shamika Lackey says she is strongly goal-oriented, disciplined, and has greater ?mental agility,? as a result of playing classical music on the piano when she was growing up. Those qualities constitute her blueprint for success. ?That discipline manifests itself in so many ways. You have to be dedicated, set scalable goals, and you have to focus all the time!? she states.


In March, Lackey was promoted from her position as human resources director to vice president of human resources for the mid-Atlantic region at Macy?s Inc. She now has to comprehend the demographics of the various mid-Atlantic markets, and, as a critical aspect of her new role, develop leaders and build relationships internally, essentially investing in the talent of the organization. She explains: ?I like to bring perspective ? helping them to build confidence by looking at the bigger picture of where they want to go; reminding them of what it is that they are really good at and [making them determine whether] that aligns with their goals.?


Lackey graduated with a bachelor?s in business management from the State University of New York, at Buffalo, in 1997, and in 1998 joined Macy?s as an assistant buyer in the Merchandising Group. Ten years later, she took a leap of faith and left Merchandising as product manager for a position in human resources. ?I didn?t distinctively separate what I learned on the business side from human resources. On the business side, it was about the product and customer, and HR recruiting is about the people who work in the organization and is still about the customer.??


A proud Delta Sigma Theta soror, Lackey enjoys being physically active. She loves to box and practice yoga and indulges her passion for running as a volunteer coach for the nonprofit, Girls on the Run. ?

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