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Nicole A. Bell, MD

Nicole A. Bell, MD

Nicole A. Bell, MD
Partner Physician?
Women For Women OB/GYN LLC
Lake Success, N.Y.
Age: 38

As an obstetrician/gynecologist, Nicole Bell strives to give the care she?d want to receive as a patient. ?With every person that comes into my exam room, I take my time. If they have questions, I sit and I answer them,? Bell says. At a time when office visits often mirror the pace of speed dating, Bell?s approach has earned her industry accolades, including the Patients? Choice Award from every year since 2008.

The daughter of a nurse, Bell often accompanied her mother to work. As a teenager, she worked as a candy striper in a hospital. When it came time to choose a career, she realized medicine was an ideal way to blend her love of working with people and her fascination with ?taking things apart and putting them back together.? Bell earned a bachelor?s degree from Cornell University and a doctorate of medicine from Tufts University School of Medicine. She was drawn to women?s health care because it allows her to have a medical practice and perform surgeries. Moreover, unlike many other specialties, she?s able to work with patients through a significant portion of their life span.

Bell appreciates the significance of her role as a physician. ?It is an honor for someone to entrust her health care in you,? she says. ?Helping to bring new life into the world is not only an honor, but a privilege.? Taking her medical knowledge beyond the exam and delivery room, she educates women in her community about the importance of being their own health advocate. Her numerous activities include serving as a volunteer in the medical department of Perfecting Faith Church, where she is a member, and giving occasional health awareness lectures to her local Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter. ?Education is really the only way to have long-lasting change,? she says.

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