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Nia Evans

Nia Evans

Nia Evans
General Manager
General Electric Co./GE Capital
Houston, Texas
Age: 39

Nia Evans firmly believes that you should leave life?s conditions better than how you find them. It?s a philosophy she learned from her grandmother, and one she applies to her professional work. ?At my core, I am a problem solver who?s driven by intuition, logic and sheer inspiration,? she comments. Evans is general manager of the new Phillips 66 portfolio at GE Capital-Retail Finance, the first African-American woman to hold the general manager position in her business. ?This role is exciting because for the first time in my career I am directly responsible for building a new business from the ground up,? she says.

In addition to overseeing the conversion, strategic growth and profitability of a $1.2 billion portfolio across thousands of retail locations, Evans has been instrumental in helping the company attract, retain and develop African-American talent. Her efforts have earned her numerous diversity leadership awards and recognition from GE as an African American Forum ICON award winner. GE Capital?s commitment to diversity and growing talent from within has helped Evans ascend in the company. She acknowledges ?character-building experiences? at Eastman Kodak Co., prior to joining GE, but credits her parents with providing a foundation of confidence that allowed her to pursue assignments that were pivotal in her professional growth. ?My father made sure his daughter knew that the sky was the limit,? she says. ?He always made me believe that I could accomplish anything.?

Evans earned a bachelor?s degree in public relations and journalism at the University of Florida, and a Master of Business Administration at Georgia State University. As a mentor for organizations such as Junior Achievement, Diamonds in the Ruff and Delta Sigma Theta, she strives to instill confidence in the next generation of professionals. She confesses, ?Encouraging young people, particularly girls, to dream big is my passion.?

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