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Kevin Chan-A-Shing

Kevin Chan-A-Shing

Vice President/Risk Officer, Consumer Banking and Lending?

Discover Financial Services

Riverwoods, Ill.

Age: 39


Kevin Chan-A-Shing chose a career in financial services because the ?learning journey? was rich. ?Industries that demand quick thinking, innovation and strong focus on results excite me,? he asserts. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Chan-A-Shing started his career with Salomon Smith Barney, Citigroup?s investment banking division. He spent several years at Boston Consulting Group before joining Discover Financial Services, where he worked in strategy and ultimately led the Lean program. Since 2013, Chan-A-Shing has been the chief risk officer for Discover?s Consumer Banking and Lending businesses, responsible for risk management programs, compliance monitoring and ensuring adherence to corporate risk management policies, standards and architecture.?


Convinced that ?education is the only way to materially change the trajectory of a person?s life,? Chan-A-Shing migrated to the United States to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned a bachelor?s degree in business administration ?and an MBA in finance and marketing at The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. He understands that in order to be an influential leader he must continue to learn and improve. ?It?s important for me to ?never lose focus on how I can perform better, learn from others? or look for continuous improvement opportunities in the processes I manage.? he says.?


Chan-A-Shing loves playing the piano so much that in 2014 he released an album on iTunes titled ?Second Instrument: Piano Arrangements.? A personal labor of love, the album includes such titles original arrangements of ??Piano Man,? ?Somewhere,? ?Autumn Leaves,? and more. ?Making an album of my arrangements felt like a tangible accomplishment, a marker that showed I could be dedicated to something outside of work and meet a goal,? he says. He also enjoys career coaching and mentoring high potential diverse business professionals, ?participating in Discover?s Employee Connection Groups and supporting the Bethany Retirement Community.

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