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Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis
AryMing Asset Funding LLC
Newark, N.J.
Age: 37

Jason Lewis purchased his first property at 18 years old, while he was a sophomore at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. He used a check he received as reimbursement for his college tuition to put a deposit on a house, which he promptly renovated?and rented to other college students.?Since graduating, he has owned Newark Lumber, a successful lumberyard business in Newark, N.J., ultimately becoming a real estate entrepreneur.

Owning a lumberyard at the age of 24 in Newark, where Caucasians dominated this type of business, was a milestone for Lewis. Today, as the CEO and founder of AryMing Asset Funding, he raises and provides short-term funding, from $100,000 to $10 million, for real estate developers, investors and rehabbers who are unable to obtain funding at banks for their projects. ?Unless the project is income-producing, banks are not lending funds. So my business is sort of the middle level to get them to the next level,? says Lewis, a single father of two and a stepdaughter.

Along with friend and mentor Marjorie Perry, CEO of MZM Construction, Lewis has worked on the MetLife Stadium, home of the Giants, New York?s National Football League team. The progression from owning a lumberyard at 24 to being a real estate financier who raises millions of dollars for loans for developers was perfectly logical for Lewis, now 37. ?Using the resources I had in the business, and the knowledge of buying and selling I?ve gained over the years, it was a smooth transition. I took the real estate to the next level and started doing real estate on a larger scale,? says the Kappa Alpha Psi pledge. Currently, he is looking to expand his business into major cities?like Chicago and Philadelphia, where the real estate market is growing.

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