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Errol Pierre

Errol Pierre

Errol Pierre
Assistant Vice President, Product Management
Healthfirst, Inc.
Bronx, N.Y.?
Age: 31

In 2005, Errol Pierre graduated from Fordham University?s College of Business Administration with a bachelor?s degree in business administration ? finance. His goal was a career in corporate finance, but his curiosity was ignited when he heard of health care reform during the 2008 presidential election debates. ?I wanted to know and be on the cutting edge of what they were talking about. That was a move from just thinking about finance to thinking about health policy and what health care reform would look like when it passed,? Pierre says. Eventually, he obtained a master?s of public administration ? health policy and financial management from New York University?s Wagner School of Public Service.

Pierre started out as an intern at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield in 2003 and worked his way up until he left the company in 2012 as chief of staff in the president?s office, to experience the other side of health care. Now Pierre is the assistant vice president of product management at Healthfirst Inc., implementing the Affordable Care Act, popularly called Obamacare, for the company. ?And we started out doing government plans; Medicaid and Medicare,? says Pierre.?

Outside of working at Healthfirst, Pierre teaches local teenagers the importance of preventing chronic diseases through organizations such as One Hundred Black Men and the YMCA. ?A lot of the chronic diseases that people are living with today could have been prevented if people had taken care of their weight level, eaten healthy and had active lifestyles. So, if you can start out with kids and make them understand what to eat in order to be healthy ? not a bacon-egg-and-cheese and Arizona ice teas,? they would be less likely to contract those diseases, he says.

Pierre hopes to find more time to contribute to his blog,, where he writes all things related to health.

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