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Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson
Director, Multicultural Merchandising and Vendor Development
Macy?s Inc.
New York City
Age: 29

Erin Wilson?s semester at the London College of Fashion in Britain was an ?empowering experience.?? It ?taught me the strength of my own convictions, the power of quiet moments, and the freedom that comes through seeing the world as a larger construct beyond one?s self,? she says. Wilson is the director of multicultural merchandising and vendor development at Macy?s, responsible for the millennial, cosmetics, women?s shoes and home merchandise divisions. Her willingness to take on new experiences, no matter how challenging, has positively impacted her career. ?I transferred to another buying division in San Francisco, three thousand miles from home, purely for a new experience that would allow me to grow as a professional in an environment that I felt fueled my entrepreneurial spirit,? says Wilson. She anticipates taking on more entrepreneurial roles at Macy?s. ?Whatever role I have within the next five to ten years, it will definitely be something that capitalizes on that kind of entrepreneurial vein,? she asserts.


?The Workshop at Macy?s? vendor development program, she co-authored with Group Vice President Shawn Outler, is one of her biggest achievements. ?It was through the authorship of that program that I fostered something new and innovative,? says Wilson. Launched in 2011, the initiative prepares small, minority- and women-owned businesses for success in the retail industry.


Wilson has a bachelor?s degree, with honors, in marketing and retail management from Syracuse University. A fitness buff, she goes to the gym, cycles and takes boxing classes. Shopping, reading and going to the movies are her relaxation. She uses her membership in the Black Retail Action Group as a mentor to help young professionals steer their careers. Her advice: ?Life is definitely a journey. It?s not a destination. Be fearless in your decision making and unafraid of the growth that comes from calculated risk-taking.??

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