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Duane S. Baldwin

Duane S. Baldwin

Duane S. Baldwin
Senior Manager, Energy Solutions Division
Lockheed Martin?s Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS)
New York City
Age: 37

Duane S. Baldwin is a rising star in a field that seeks to efficiently manage energy needs. Hard work and self-betterment, values born from his Caribbean roots and instilled by a strong family, have helped him attain the position of senior manager at Lockheed Martin. For two years, he has held this position in LM?s Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS &GS) – Energy Solutions. His division is a new frontier for LM, and Baldwin is strengthening the company?s presence and growth in the industry managing commercial energy contracts worth more than $85 million.? He also leads the division?s engineering, sales and marketing professionals in the Northeast.


A youthful Baldwin amuses himself at industry networking events when his team redirects handshakes of those eager to do business with LM, to the ?big boss.? Baldwin chuckles, ?It never gets old.? He credits his success to lessons learned during an internship at Goldman Sachs while attending the University of Maryland, College Park, where he earned his bachelor?s degree in government and politics, with a minor in economics. ?[Goldman] gave invaluable experience at an impressionable age. It is where I learned to work.?? Today, Baldwin enjoys inspiring his team, inviting them to think creatively. His open management style produces results that have not gone unnoticed. Baldwin is a two-time recipient of LM?s prestigious Excellence in Leadership Award.


Hard work and faith are entwined as he endeavors to ?always do what is right, good and fair.? An elder at the Hanson Place Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., he also serves as president of the Hanson Place Development Corp. Like his food, to which the native Trinidadian can always add more pepper sauce,
he loves to travel ?hot,? visiting most Caribbean islands. However, he promised his wife to travel to Europe with their children, ages 8, 7 and 3, very soon.

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