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Antonia Floyd, J.D.

Antonia Floyd, J.D.

Antonia Floyd, J.D.
Global Marketing Manager
BeautyBank, The Est?e Lauder Companies
New York City
Age: 31

The saying ?True leaders are not afraid to get uncomfortable? aptly describes Antonia Floyd?s approach to life, an approach exemplified by her decision to pursue an internship at a skin care company, Freeze 24/7, after earning a Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. Floyd graduated from Florida A&M University in 2004 with a bachelor?s degree in business administration and entered law school with ulterior motives. Instead of heading for a career as a practicing attorney, she wanted to combine a law degree with an MBA.

After her first year at Harvard Law, she experienced her first ?uncomfortable situation,? when she stepped into a summer internship at the African Development Bank in Tunisia. ?When I went to Tunisia, I didn?t know how to speak the language. But I grew a lot. I speak French now, and the experience taught me to be a little fearless,? Floyd says.

While in law school, Floyd started a beauty blog. She realized then that even though she wanted to pursue a career in business, her specialty would be the beauty industry. That?s when she encountered another? ?uncomfortable situation.? ?Switching from law to beauty ? there?s no blueprint. I didn?t know anyone who has done this before, and I didn?t really have any contacts,? recalls Floyd. ?It was an uncomfortable situation, but coming out on the other side of that, I grew as a professional.? Now Floyd is the global marketing manager for Beauty Bank, the entrepreneurial think tank division of The Est?e Lauder Cos. Her duties include incubating new brands and launching them in the marketplace, and creating whitespace opportunities for the company in skin care and makeup.

Paying it forward, Floyd is an active member of the New York Junior League, providing job skills training: from mock interviews to creating r?sum?s.

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