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Anthony Key

Anthony Key

Anthony Key
Vice President, Director of Integrated Media
UniWorld Group Inc.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Age: 35

Anthony Key was a happy child. ?I had a great childhood and really grew up in a loving environment. There were periods of prosperity and struggle. I think the struggle really helped to shape who I am today.? One period of struggle began with the death of his mother from breast cancer one month before he turned 24, leaving him the primary caregiver for his three younger siblings. ?While we didn?t suffer the financial difficulties, we had our fair share of emotional moments, which included multiple visits to family court that were very taxing,? explains Key.


Key graduated from New York University with a bachelor?s degree in marketing and embarked on a career in advertising at major firms, including J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam and SpikeDDB. He joined UniWorld Group Inc. in 2008, where today he is vice president and director of integrated media. ?I have been in advertising, specifically media planning, since I was seventeen, and everything that I loved then, I love now ? the people interaction, the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit in which I am allowed to operate. I love being a leader most of all,? he says.


A die-hard fan of the Knicks, New York?s National Basketball Association team, Key also enjoys playing poker online and taking impromptu weekend trips to Miami or Puerto Rico to relax on the beach.


The siblings he cared for are thriving. ?They carry my mom?s youthful exuberance and welcoming spirit,? he says with pride. He plans to establish a foundation, which he will call Tammy?s House in honor of his mother, to promote and fund travel opportunities for urban children who have lost a parent to breast cancer. ?Traveling with my siblings opened up their possibilities. So often we don?t veer far enough from the neighborhood to know that we can dream bigger,? Key says.

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