4 Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Their Employees


Entrepreneurial Q & A:? What have you learned from your employees?

A: My employees are smarter than I am — and should be. “My employees have taught me that they are smarter than I am in what we’ve hired them to do; and that it should be that way. In turn, this has helped me make better hiring decisions by identifying if a candidate will be able to teach me something new and bring value to the company. It has also helped me become aware that I might not be opening up opportunities for an employee to truly spread their wings.” Jordan Gurrieri, Blue Label Labs

Trust and delegation are important. “I am a natural at trusting; but when delegating, sometimes it is hard to allow another to do things their way. I have learned to trust the abilities of my team and know that though it might not be done my way, there is a multitude of ways to do it things well.” Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Disagreements are never a bad thing. “Employees should never be afraid to disagree with their boss. Time and again, I’ve found myself impressed by the insights offered by my staff; insights which I’d never have heard if were they afraid to voice dissenting opinions. Disagreements can be a healthy thing and can actually help your business grow.” Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

Different perspectives are inspirational. “When working in the business field, I am always looking to find new ways to complete tasks. I have realized that employees are the best sources of inspirations because they don’t think like you, yet they have to deal with the same problems.” Ajmal Saleem, Suprex Learning

(Source: TCA)