4 Simple Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

Business travelTake the stress out of your next business trip.

According to the results of a study conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s premier business travel and meetings organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, business travel spending is expected to generate close to $300 billion in 2014. This is great news since growth in business travel leads to job development and fuels the growth of the economy.

Traveling for business may be good for your career and your company’s bottom line but it may not always be as glamorous as it seems. For one, claiming your baggage and finding power sockets for your smartphone and/or laptop can be a big challenge if you are always on the go.? You also need to learn how to adapt to your environment and adjust to situations that are out of your control.

Most business owners and company executives also follow a pretty boring routine when traveling. For the most part, you will be spending your time with clients and/or business partners. Other times, you may find yourself stuck in the airport or in your hotel room. You can consider yourself lucky if you find enough time to explore the places you visit.

Worse, people who are constantly on the go also tend to forget about their exercise routine and healthy eating habits, and have to spend time away from their family.???

So, how can you make things easier on your next trip? Here are some tips you may want to consider to make your next business travel as stress-free as possible.

  • Never leave home without a packing list. Even seasoned travelers forget to pack some of the things that they need so consider downloading a list app and customize it so that you will never forget a single thing.
  • Keep your electronic devices fully charged. As mentioned earlier, finding a socket can be a challenge so keep your smartphone and laptop fully charged at all times. You should also consider bringing a backup power source and a travel power strip to make sure your devices would not run out of power.
  • Use the right apps. Consider using apps such as Airports by Travel Nerd (to get terminal maps, amenities, Wi-Fi hotspot information and parking options), Wi-Fi Finder (to locate a Wi-Fi hotspot), Waze (to get real-time traffic updates), and TripIt (to organize all your travel plans and information in one place). These travel apps can help you take the pain out of your next business trip. Best of all, they’re free to use.
  • Try to stay healthy. Pack your workout clothes and shoes, and don’t forget to bring some healthy snacks. Go for lighter dining options and try to make time for some exercise. It will definitely do you a lot of good.