4 Mobile Strategies For Recruitment

MOBILEMore job searches take place on mobile devices than the desktop, and two-thirds of email is read on mobile devices. Yet many human resource (HR) departments lack the mobile policies and technology to recruit top talent that?s increasingly on the go.

According to Katherine Jones, Vice President, HCM Technology Research at Bersin By Deloitte, mobile is under-utilized by HR compared to other departments. ?All these new technologies like internet of things are going to be disruptive,? she said. ?HR needs to start looking at what?s out there more seriously and figure out how to embrace and control it.?

Jones sees a dichotomy between the growth of available mobile recruiting technology and HR?s relative lack of use. ?Here are four ways HR can use mobile to reach top talent faster.

Align with company mobile policy

Experts agree HR needs to begin any mobile discussion by aligning with the company?s overall policy. ?There?s a telephony policy at every company, and they need to know how it relates to mobile. Do they want recruiters to use their own phones or have the ability to access apps on the company network,? Jones said. ?They have to ask if the company?s application software supports mobile, and decide which areas to mobilize and how to manage the applications.?

2. Go beyond access: optimize for mobile

A study from Kelton Global Research found 70 percent of job seekers are willing to apply for a job using a smartphone, but more than a quarter of larger companies said that not a single part of their hiring process has been mobile-optimized. What?s more, 70 percent of applicants find online applications harder to use than applying for a mortgage or student loan applications. Mobile access isn?t sufficient. The recruiting system needs to be optimized for mobile.

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