4 Mobile Apps That Can Make Your Job Search a Lot Easier

Cell phonES Make Your Job Search a Lot Easier by Using These Mobile Apps

today’s extremely competitive job market, looking for a job can test
your patience to its limits.? Considering the fact that an average job
posting attracts over 250 applications, it is very easy to see how tough
the competition really is.? Thankfully, there are a lot of ways by
which you can stay ahead of the curve ? and most of them are literally
at your fingertips.

The Use of Mobile Apps in Job Search
According to an online news report published in the US News, the use of mobile apps
is fast becoming a major trend among job seekers. In fact, ComScore
reported that the number of applicants who are using mobile apps when
searching for jobs increased from 2.3 million to more than 9.3 million
in 2014. In addition, this figure is expected to grow significantly over
the coming years.

Mobile Apps to Consider When Searching for a Job
is an app for everything ? and this includes every aspect of your job
search. There are apps that are designed to help you look and apply for
jobs, edit, update and share your resume with recruiters, create your personal brand,
and organize the entire job search process. Here are some of the apps
you may need to consider to make your job search a lot easier and get
the edge you need to outshine the competition.??

VisualCV, you can create an attention-grabbing resume in minutes. This
free app gives you the ability to add images, documents, presentations
and videos to your resume so you can show your best work and impress
your prospective employers. It also allows you to create a personal
website or portfolio that is perfect for sharing on the internet.

Levo Resume
Resume is a completely free and ad-free app that allows you to create
and edit your resume on your mobile device. It can store multiple
versions of your resume and can be synced in with LinkedIn to allow you
to create and edit your resume on the fly. This app also offers resume
and career building tips that can be extremely useful when looking for a

LinkUp Mobile
This app focuses on its searches on
company websites and returns results directly from these pages. This
eliminates paid listings and helps you avoid third-party recruiters,
outdated posting and scammers.


If you are
looking to land a job or get a much needed boost to advance your career,
you should definitely consider using this free app. With LunchMeet, all
you have to do is let the app know of your availability, and you can
readily hook up with other professionals in the same area who are
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