Ways to Advance Your Career Without Getting an MBA

MBAAn MBA degree is not the only thing that can help you advance your career.

Unless your chosen career path requires an MBA, there are a number of career moves that can help you advance your career without costing you an arm and a leg. So, if you are not considering a career in finance, accounting or global management and would just want to enhance your business prowess, make yourself more competitive, or give your personal brand a boost, here are some practical suggestions that you may want to consider to give you the ultimate competitive advantage over the competition ? even without getting an MBA.

Develop great sales skills. Since selling is considered as the heart of capitalism, teaching yourself to become a better sales person can help you rise to the top of your game. Despite its importance, it is interesting to note that only a handful of MBA programs include a course in selling. To develop your selling skills, consider taking sales training programs or do an online search to find valuable ebooks, videos and online training programs. Good news ? most of these online resources are 100% free.

Learn how to tell a story
. If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition, you should be able to tell a good story. In this age of big data, people evidently have more than enough information on their hands so they want someone who can convert all these information into a cohesive story. They also want to understand how your company and products can make a positive difference in their lives. So, how do you start learning how to become a better storyteller? For starters, you need to learn what makes a great story, know the message you want to deliver, be more creative, and do a lot of practice.???

Learn a new language. Gaining fluency in a foreign language can work to your advantage. The ability to communicate with potential business partners in their own language gives you an unfair advantage over the competition and increases your chances for success.

Write a book.
Well, not just any book but a best-selling book in your industry. Becoming a best-selling author can do a lot for your reputation and personal brand. To be honest, it can even be more impressive than holding an MBA diploma. So, how do you get your book into the best-selling list? Simple. Convince friends and business associates to buy at least 2,500 copies in advance. If you have enough money, you can even purchase the copies yourself. It may seem like a lot of money but it still costs less than getting an MBA degree.?

Keep in mind that getting an MBA degree is not your only ticket to success. There are a lot of less expensive ways to advance your career so do your research and feel free to think outside the box.