3 Ways Your City Can Help You Grow Your Business

In 2017, Amazon announced plans to build a second headquarters, called HQ2.

Dozens of states and cities competed to attract the tech giant. Each proposal included incentives and subsidies. Illinois offered $1.32 billion in EDGE tax credits and Georgia offered $1.3 billion in Mega Tax Credits.

While some of these figures are staggering, it is common for cities, states, and municipalities to offer incentives to facilitate business growth and job creation.

Across the nation, small business owners are working with their local government to grow their business.

Here are four ways that your city can help you grow your business.

Business Assistance

In trying to build their business, entrepreneurs tend to go at it alone. That doesn’t have to be the case.

In New York City, the Department of Small Business Services, or SBS, helps minority and women-owned businesses get city-certified to compete for contracts, navigate government rules and regulations, and connect entrepreneurs to funding sources.

The city of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department offers a Business Coach Program. Business owners can sign up to receive training in business planning,  financial management, marketing, and technology.

These services are provided, at no cost, to eligible city residents and business owners.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, these resources can certainly put you in a position to reach your professional goals.

Storefront Improvement Program

If you operate a brick and mortar retail business than you know how important visibility is.

In an effort to make commercial districts more attractive to shoppers, several cities have created storefront improvement programs.

Legislators hope that these beautification initiatives generate more foot traffic, retail sales, and tax revenue.

Philadelphia offers eligible businesses and property owners grants for facade improvements. In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Development Authority also provides grants to fund improvements.

New York City, Atlanta, San Diego and dozens of other cities, large and small, have similar programs.

Check with your local economic development agency to see what opportunities are available for your business.

Workforce Development

Growing businesses are always looking to attract and retain qualified employees.

If you are busy running your business, you may not have the time to write job descriptions, post job descriptions, review resumes, screen candidates, and schedule interviews.

There are resources available, that you can leverage, to help you hire.

New York’s SBS and Philadelphia’s PA CareerLink connects job seekers with employers. These agencies offer a variety of services, including training and recruitment, to their local residents.

These services are also available, at no cost, to job seekers and business owners.

There are a lot of components for operating a growing business. It is going to take a team that you can depend on to get things done.

By utilizing the resources that your city offers, you can save time and money it takes to hire. This will allow you to concentrate on building your enterprise and serving your customers.