3 Ways Black News Reports Facilitate African American Readers

    3 Ways Black News Reports Facilitate African American Readers

    African American readers have shown consistent interest in receiving a timely and informative black news reports on breaking news. The challenge comes in finding effective ways to facilitate dissemination of a black news report across a wide spectrum of readership–a challenge that black news report magazines like TNJ.com are successfully tackling through a variety of avenues. Utilizing web-based and print magazines and social media as principle conduits for dispersing information contained in a black news report efficiently, TNJ.com and other reporting services bring up to the minute information to African American readers around the globe.

    One of the first and best ways to disseminate a black news report to a wide spectrum of African American readers, TNJ.com has found, is through producing a web-based version of its popular print magazine, The Network Journal. The Web-based version of the Journal provides opportunities for much more timely updates to its African American readers, with its ability to post up to the minute breaking news relating to business, entrepreneurship, finance, technology, the arts, culture, lifestyle, health, fitness, movies, music, events, careers, contests, and more. Readers can stay logged on throughout the day for all the latest news and events locally, nationally, and internationally.

    Another way a black news report can be quickly funneled to African American readers around the world is through the strategic use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. TNJ.com, as an example, provides Facebook and Twitter hot buttons on each page of web content to allow African American readers to quickly send out relevant content to their spheres of influence. In this way, vast amounts of pertinent information contained in a black news report can quickly reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands of readers in the time it takes to click a mouse button. For important political and economic news, nothing is faster to get the word out in a black news report than via social media engines.

    A third way and more tangible way to disseminate a black news report is through a vehicle such as TNJ.com?s print journal, The Network Journal. The Journal can be passed in its print form from one reader to the next, and there is a greater likelihood of content being perused and absorbed at the reader?s leisure. This is versus the online reader?s more habitual pattern of quickly browsing headlines and missing content that may have been posted minutes or even seconds before. Print journals encourage African American readers to stay abreast monthly of important ongoing issues that a black news report is designed to highlight and address.

    Use of all three dispersion vehicles–social media, online web-based magazine, and print journal–together are a powerful conduit to reach readers interested in a black news report in all the ways they enjoy receiving timely news and information. With the wealth of dissemination options that are used and enjoyed by readers around the world, African American readers have more ways than ever before to stay abreast of important information.