3 Ways Black Magazines Online Attract African American Readers

    Today?s black magazines for the business professional have an alternative for reaching their readers in a widespread, easy, and affordable format via the online magazine. And today?s black magazines online have a vast variety of content options open to them for attracting more African American readers. Here are just three ways black magazines online are attracting more African American readers to their sites.

    Diversity. Black magazines online cover an expansive range of topics covering African American issues, economic news, advice for small businesses, interviews and articles with prominent black persons, and success stories from small business owners and entrepreneurs. Well known black magazines online, such as The Network Journal, feature articles on Maya Angelou, the recent success story of Donald ?Don? Jones and Janon Costley. These sites offer their African American readers advice on applying for jobs, searching for jobs that support multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, mentorship, and small business resources. Black magazines online also look at global issues, like China?s roll in Africa, global economy issues, and the expansion of the Africa Channel into New York television spots via Time Warner Cable. Some black magazines online, like The Network Journal, also offer up free news via webTV on their site. All the online content on many of these black magazines online, like The Network Journal, is free, offering African American readers a wealth of information at no cost, with the option to subscribe to the magazine as well.

    Contests, Giveaways, Events. Black magazines online also use contests, giveaways, and perks to attract African American readers, and to show appreciation for the readers? support. Some black magazines online offer monthly contest to their African American readers that include prize packages geared to helping kickstart a new small business. Others, such as The Network Journal, offer their African American readers a chance to win a Flip video camera for subscribing to The Network Journal?s free newsletter, and some black magazines online offer large discounts on subscriptions to the magazine. Events honoring successful black small business persons and successful black women are also organized by some black magazines online, such as The Network Journal, to recognize black achievements and give their African American readers a wealth of stories and tips from prominent mentors.

    Environmentally Friendly Current Content. Black magazines online also offer their African American readers a perk their print counterparts cannot: informative content posted daily. Black magazines online can publish one or two pieces of up-to-date news per day if they so choose, keeping their African American readers informed on the latest develops in a vast arena of topics on an almost instant basis. Many of these black magazines online offer a stock ticker embedded in the site?s front page, which gives a market summary of the major exchanges, and highlights the standings of some African American owned companies. And since all this content is offered up by black magazines online, no trees are consumed and no waste produced, making these black magazines online environmentally conscious