3 Things You Need For Your Small Business to Succeed

WomenA great product or service isn?t always enough; your small business needs these three things to succeed.

The growth of your small business is intertwined with your growth as an entrepreneur.? While your product or service is undoubtedly important?indeed, essential?to future success, there are a lot of companies out there with ?great ideas? that never took off.? Take a look at yourself and your business to see if you possess, or can cultivate, these three indicators of future success:

1. An Unyielding Desire to Win

The business world is fiercely competitive and an unstoppable drive is a near prerequisite for success.? It won?t guarantee amazing growth, but your drive to win will allow you to push past setbacks and defeats.? True desire is backed up by actions? ask yourself if you are currently doing everything possible to make your business succeed.

2. Subject-Matter Expertise

You need to be?or become?an undisputed expert in your field.? This will place you a step above the competition.? It?s a fact that almost doesn?t need to be said: clients and customers are looking for a reliable authority that can identify their needs and figure out a solution. If you gain a reputation as an expert, potential customers will be more likely to trust you.

3. Return Customers and Clients

While a relentless drive to win and expertise are signs that you are poised for success, the rate at which your customers or clients return reflects how well you are currently positioned to grow.? It signals your reputation among your target market and how effective your customer service is. If you do have customers and clients coming back for your goods and services, you need to show your appreciation in order to maintain their loyalty?especially in your early years. They took a chance by doing business with you, a, unestablished business, so let them know that you appreciate their business.