3 Things You Can Do After a Bad Job Interview

Great interviewsThings You Need to Do When You Are Having a Terrible Interview.

You prepared for your job interview. You dressed the part, researched key details about the company and came up with quality questions for your interviewer. You are also highly motivated since you want to escape unemployment. However, the interview has taken a dive. Don?t panic! If you handle the situation appropriately, you may be in the running for a position.

  • Be honest while reinforcing the qualities that make you an excellent employee. Often, information comes to light that leads you to realize the position isn?t what you thought it was. Critical skills or qualifications you don’t possess may have been left out or the job could have been over-hyped, and you?re overqualified. Don?t blame the employer by saying something like: ?Your ad wasn?t fair.? Instead, say something like: ?I have no experience with X program. I don?t think the job ad mentioned that, but I?m very familiar with Y and Z. I could contribute to the company in a different way, and here’s how.? If you just know the interview is going badly, you can say so. Explain that you feel you?re not putting forward your best case and that you may be a better fit for another position with the company. Seizing the initiative this way shows the interviewer a positive side to you.
  • Follow up if the interviewer?s body language is negative. Yawning or checking the time repeatedly indicates boredom. Sighing and refusal to make eye contact may imply frustration or not being impressed. Your best bet is to ask if the interviewer needs more information or if you should rephrase a comment. The answer might be ‘no,’ and in that case, sending a brief thank-you letter (or email) after the interview allows you another opportunity to explain why you?re qualified.
  • Stay confident in the face of bizarre or inappropriate comments. An interviewer may ask questions not related to the job or make illegal comments. In such cases, smile and say: ?Can you explain why that is important for the position??