3 Things You Can Do to Become Fearless at Work

Become fearless at work!

You probably know one type of person at work: the colleague who plays to win. She’s the one at the forefront, the one frolicking with the status quo and for whom ?failure? is a positive requirement on the path to success. You want to be more like her – fearless. You itch to take risks, but anxiety stifles you.

1. Write down and accept the risks/downsides of any bold move you make.
You should not make every bold move in the world if it?s not what you want. However, you?ll become more likely to take charge if you articulate risks and downsides on paper and accept them. Everything looms scary in your head, and there?s something about transferring your worries to paper (or even a computer screen) that makes the risks more surmountable. For example, say you have a great product idea. You?re afraid to take it to your boss because he might think you?ve been goofing off, and besides, what a terrible idea! You?d become a laughingstock and get fired. Okay, say you get fired. What is likely to happen then? Get these fears and possible consequences down on paper, accept them, and let the paper carry their burden.

2. Approach rejection differently.
Sure, rejection hurts. However, don?t make it all about yourself such as: ?I?m wrong? or ?I?m worthless.? Recalibrate your thoughts so they become motivational.

  • Fearless people treat rejection as feedback.
  • Rejection should spring you into action rather than have you scurrying away in defeat.
  • It means you find another approach or way to frame the issue.

3. Prepare?don?t procrastinate
You tell yourself you?re being thorough after the one hundredth time you check a document due the next day. What you are really doing is giving doubt plenty of chances to run rampant. Put the document down.