3 Things Every Memorable Business Name Has

BrandingThings That Every Memorable Business Name Has

Memorable?and successful?business names stick in consumers? minds and have a certain attractive, linguistic quality. This is because they share three traits:

  1. They?re not generic. This seems obvious, but is still a concept worth discussing. If you want memorable, avoid bland names such as Pete?s Restaurant and David?s Hardware. Businesses with these names can be successful?these names just won?t stand out. Along these lines, memorable business names don?t directly discuss the business function they do. You can tell from the names? “Pete?s Restaurant” and “David?s Hardware” what kinds of businesses they are?and the taste in your mouth is generic. On the other hand, a business name such as “Fighting for Peace” (a boxing school in Brazil) is memorable because it isn?t generic and doesn?t simply re-state the service it provides. Yet the name gives enough of a hint as to the business?s purpose and leaves plenty of room for the business to expand under that name. The name is flexible enough that the business can add supplementary services and products and the name will still be resonant.
  2. They?re short and sweet. Memorable business names should be easy to pronounce and not take all day to say.
  3. They juxtapose two apparently different ideals. Take ?Fighting for Peace? again. This name is memorable because it combines two different concepts: war and peace. This sticks in consumers? minds and definitely helps them remember the business name. ?The Urban Farmer? is another such example, as is ?Buddhist Bootcamp.?

Get a piece of paper and a pen. Jot down what your business does. Also, list different and opposing
adjectives to describe your business function. In less than an hour, you
could have a perfect and memorable name.

Need more help? Then here are a few more tips to help you choose a company name.